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Most Common Dental Emergencies And How To Prevent Them

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Pain affecting the head, mouth, and neck region can be discomforting. Most often than not, such a painful sensation will affect your ability to think and perform at your best. If you’re experiencing this, there’s a chance that you may be dealing with a dental problem that’ll require seeing an emergency dentist in Tarzana CA. However, it is important to know what a dental emergency is and what qualifies as a dental emergency. In general, a dental emergency is any painful sensation or discomfort in the head and neck region affecting your ability to carry out your normal daily activities. For dental emergencies like tooth decay, gum disease, or a broken or chipped tooth, it is best to contact your dentist as soon as possible for pain treatment. While dental emergencies have become rampant due to reasons including diet, lifestyle choices, genetic makeup, etc., some are more common than others. Find the most common dental emergencies and how to prevent them below.

7 Prevalent Dental Emergencies


Toothache is the commonest among dental emergencies because of the painful sensation it presents. In most cases, the painful sensation can range from mild to severe and cause severe distress to the victim. In mild painful situations, the patient may be able to hold off seeing a dentist for a day or more, depending on their appointment time and date. However, emergency dental attention is required in severe cases as the victim may be unable to cope with the effect. Toothache can sometimes be accompanied by other symptoms like inflammation or swelling, which makes the affected area tender. Victims need to avoid self-medication and the use of aspirin or other painkillers in such situations to avoid burning the already tender tissue. For mid to severe toothache pain, affected people should seek emergency dental care at the nearest clinic. The dentist’s first line of action would be to understand the cause of the pain and provide solutions on how to combat it.

Chipped or broken teeth

Chipped or broken teeth are common in people who bite too hard on food or other substances. Chances are high that you may bite down too hard on a hard substance that sends reverberations back through your teeth. The bite force may cause a chipped or broken tooth, which can ruin your perfectly good smile. Biting down too hard can also cause pain, especially if it results in deep cracks along the affected area. For this dental emergency, it is best to spit out the hard substance you’ve bitten on, rinse your mouth with warm water and get a piece of gauze to stop any bleeding. Once the gauze is in place, get ice or a cold compress and apply it to the affected face area. Keep the cold compress in place to reduce inflammation while heading to your emergency dentist.

Knocked-out tooth

The thought of a knocked-out would surely send shivers down your spine. The shivers are nothing compared to the pain felt by affected persons. Knocked-out teeth are often due to a high force of impact on the face, which dislodges the tooth or teeth from their root. Whether you were involved in a physical altercation, a sports impact, or an accident, ensure that the knocked-out tooth is retrieved. Avoid scrubbing the retrieved knocked-out tooth and get a glass of milk to store it. You can also drown the knocked-out tooth in your saliva to keep it in place until you get to your dentist. Please note that the sooner you get to your emergency dentist, the better. The knocked-out tooth can usually be replaced within an hour window, depending on the level of damage to the tooth.

Lost Filling or crown

Dental crowns are a cosmetic procedure for restoring damaged teeth. They are laid over the damaged teeth to give them a more defined look while protecting them from bacterial attacks. The chances of breaking your dental crown are possible, especially if you bite down hard on a hard substance. Your dental fillings can also come off. For such emergencies, try to avoid sugary food items until you can get to your dentist. You should also avoid DIY fixes as you may end up damaging your teeth and causing more problems.

Broken Orthodontics

Orthodontic appliances are often designed to be strong and sturdy. However, the metal wires in traditional braces can often break off due to daily use. This problem can happen anytime, whether you’re talking, chewing, or eating. It is important to take utmost care in dealing with broken orthodontic appliances to avoid hurting yourself. Slow down your talk, chewing, or food to assess the problem, and try to push the broken wire into a corner or a more comfortable position. Contact your emergency dentist for immediate attention, as leaving the broken orthodontic appliance unattended can reverse the straightening process.


Oral abscess starts small but can be painful and damaging to the dentition. This problem is usually caused by infections in the tooth’s root, commonly between the teeth and gums. They can become very serious when left unattended and can compromise the patient’s heart and other organs. Oral abscesses spread fast to surrounding areas, compromising the teeth’s integrity and strength. The painful condition should be taken to an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. Dental practitioners are familiar with the best way to extract the pus in the abscess to prevent further spread. They can also perform the necessary cleaning and treatment to kickstart the healing process.

Pain and bleeding after oral surgery

Surgical procedures like tooth extraction, impacted wisdom teeth, etc., can often lead to bleeding and post-operative pain. Dental surgeons will always advise their patients to return within a time frame if the bleeding doesn’t stop. You should return to your dentist or see an emergency dentist if your mouth still bleeds after the stated time. A timely intervention in such cases can save you a lot of blood and can significantly reduce the level of pain you’re experiencing in the aftermath of the procedure. Any one of these common dental emergencies can cause devastating pain and discomfort when not promptly addressed. Get an emergency dentist by visiting https://www.cutesmiledental.net/emergency-dental-care/.


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