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Dr. Argina Kudaverdian and the team at 32ology Dental Studio are thrilled to offer the benefits of the latest dental technology to our Tarzana-area patients. Some advantages of modern dentistry include a more efficient and comfortable experience at our office, as well as more accurate treatment planning, less turnaround time, and superior overall results. Advanced technology — such as the 3D CBCT system, digital impressions, intraoral scanner, and laser dentistry, among other techniques — allows our team to achieve the best possible outcome.

Explore our cutting-edge dental technology below and don’t hesitate to contact our experienced Tarzana dentist to schedule an appointment today.

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Short for Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), the three-dimensional CBCT system is a pivotal part of our practice. As Dr. Kudaverdian’s favorite piece of technology, the CBCT machine can capture a high-quality, three-dimensional image of the jaw. The system allows our team to see beyond a 2D x-ray and visualize complex anatomy. CBCT can also observe the extent of an infection in the jawbone, giving us the information to treat any damage and safeguard your oral health. During the process for dental implants, the 3D CBCT system also aids in treatment planning by allowing Dr. Kudaverdian to measure the width and height of the bone where the implant needs to be placed. In addition to other significant capabilities, the 3D CBCT system ensures the right positioning of the implant and correct diagnosis of advanced dental problems.

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Intraoral Scanner

Rather than using messy putties to obtain measurements of the teeth and gums, our dentists employ a cutting-edge intraoral scanner to render digital impressions. This tool can digitally capture your measurements and the dimensions of your smile using a handheld wand, allowing our team to capture a highly accurate mold of your mouth. Patients can also gain a better understanding of their oral structures with the aid of an intraoral scanner. Often used for orthodontic treatments like Invisalign®, these digital impressions can allow a more precise treatment process while enhancing patient comfort during your visit.

“After years of finding excuses to not visit a dentist, finally bit the bullet and made an appointment with Dr. Argina. The staff were super friendly and I was seen immediately. Every problem with my teeth was shown to me and my options explained. Managed to get all my work done within a few visits. Dr. Argina was very kind and made sure I was comfortable through the whole ordeal. I would recommend this office and Dr. Argina to anyone that is looking for a dentist that will treat you with respect, explain all your options, and make sure you get the best care possible. (Also, getting a 3D scan of your teeth feels like technology from the future!) ”
- David K


The NOMAD x-ray system is designed to take digital x-rays with a handheld device that allows for easier positioning of the sensor and increased comfort for the patient. This allows for a reduced number of retakes and therefore reduced exposure to radiation.

SOL® Laser

The SOL® soft tissue laser can provide a more comfortable experience in the dentist’s chair for many different procedures, including gum disease treatment, cavity filling, and other cosmetic, restorative, and preventive dentistry services. The laser can treat patient concerns more gently and effectively than traditional approaches that utilize scalpels and drills. SOL® is considered among the safest and most precise dental laser technologies, and can help make your treatment at 32ology Dental Studio as pleasant, convenient, and minimally invasive as possible.

iTero Element Plus Series Scanner

Advancements in digital impressions mean that the previously messy and time-consuming process is a thing of the past. iTero scanners allow Dr. Kudaverdian to easily scan the entire mouth faster than traditional dental molds could offer smile impressions. The technology utilizes a comfortable handheld device and offers accurate imaging, meaning treatment plans can be effectively developed and personalized for each patient. For Invisalign® patients, iTero can create a detailed outline of their teeth so the trays can be crafted precisely.

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