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5 Reasons Not to Delay a Root Canal

For individuals struggling with a tooth infection, root canal therapy can be an effective way to address the decayed areas and bacteria buildup. At 32ology Dental Studio, cosmetic dentist Argina Kudaverdian, DDS performs this treatment to rid the tooth of the infection, relieve painful symptoms, and potentially save the tooth from extraction.

Root canal treatment is performed on teeth where the nerve tissue in the root has developed an infection due to deterioration. The procedure involves cleaning the tiny canals of the tooth roots, then sealing the sections with a filling material. A dental crown may be placed on top of the tooth to protect its integrity and structure, as well as improve the tooth’s aesthetic appearance.

Below are five reasons why it is important not to put off root canal therapy:

  • 1. Persistent Pain

A tooth infection can be incredibly painful, and that constant pressure and sensation can become debilitating. If not addressed, that pain can eventually get worse and may even become chronic. A root canal can help alleviate that feeling to make you more comfortable and preserve the tooth.

  • 2. Possible Life-Threatening Infection

If a tooth infection is not treated, the infection may spread from the tooth to other areas of the mouth and body. The risk of life-threatening health conditions may increase if the infection remains untreated.

  • 3. Tooth Loss

Potential for tooth loss is a big reason not to delay root canal therapy. The infection may compromise the tooth to the point that it needs to be removed or requires more complex restorative treatments. In cases of tooth extraction, a dental implant or dental bridge can restore a patient’s smile.

  • 4. Chance of Jawbone Loss

Not only can an infection lead to tooth loss, but it can also lead to deterioration of the jawbone. If treatment is delayed and the damage becomes severe, portions of the jaw may eventually become compromised and even require removal.

  • 5. Risk of Serious Health Issues

Due to the connection between oral and overall body health, severe tooth infections can increase your risk of developing other serious health issues. If not addressed, the infection can potentially lead to other dental issues, such as abscesses, or contribute to systemic health concerns, including heart attack or stroke.

Fortunately, with prompt and effective root canal therapy, you can avoid these complications and maintain your oral health. With an extremely high success rate, root canals offer relief from pain and help to preserve your natural teeth. To learn more about root canal therapy or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kudaverdian, contact our office today.